Queer Migration and Asylum in Europe

Queer Migration and Asylum in Europe is a book that explores the experiences of LGBTQ migrants and asylum seekers in Europe, focusing on the legal, social and political frameworks that they encounter. The book brings together scholars from various disciplines, including politics, sociology, anthropology, urban studies, and law, to examine why queer individuals migrate to or seek asylum in Europe, as well as the challenges they face in navigating these processes. The book covers a range of topics, including LGBTQ Latino migrants’ experiences in London, diasporic consciousness of queer Polish, Russian and Brazilian migrants in Berlin, and the role of LGBTQ organizations in supporting queer asylum seekers in Germany, Italy, the UK, and France. The book sheds light on the complexities of queer migration and asylum in Europe and provides insights for scholars, judges, and policymakers.

Richard C. M. Mole

Table of Contents:

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1. Introduction: queering migration and asylum

Richard C.M. Mole

2. Universal humanity vs. national citizenship: the example of same-sex partner immigration in Europe

Robert Wintemute

3. ‘The gay person always looks for the big European city’: the sexual migration of Latin American gay men in London

Cristian Valenzuela

4. Rethinking diaspora: Queer Poles, Brazilians and Russians in Berlin

Richard C.M. Mole

5. An exercise in detachment: the Council of Europe and sexual minority asylum claims

Nuno Ferreira

6. On the government of bisexual bodies: asylum case law and the biopolitics of bisexual erasure

Christian Klesse

7. (Des)haciendo fronteras: Latin American LGBTIQ* asylum seekers in Spain in the process of credibility assessment

Aurora Perego

8. Between homonationalism and Islamophobia: comparing Queer Caribbean and Muslim asylum-seeking in/to the Netherlands

Keith E. McNeal & Sarah French Brennan

9. ‘They sent me to the mountain’: the role of space, faith and support groups for LGBTIQ+ asylum claimants

Moira Dustin and Nina Held

10. The (micro-)politics of support for LGBT asylum-seekers in France

Sara Cesaro

11. ‘How much of a lesbian are you?’ Experiences of LGBT asylum seekers in immigration detention in the UK

Sarah Singer