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Get free access to scientific journals, peer-reviewed books and quality content publications, and eBooks that you can download for free from the UCL Open Access Library. The primary aim of MCSA's Open Access portal is to make research and knowledge easily accessible to everyone, regardless of financial status or geographic location.

Open Access refers to content that is made available to the public, without any limitations such as paywalls or subscription fees. This makes it an essential resource for students, researchers, professionals, and anyone seeking reliable and pertinent information. The materials in the archives are curated by experts, ensuring content that is of high quality and meets rigorous academic standards.

The MCSA Open Access also enhances the visibility and impact of research by making it more widely available to the public. The platform provides an avenue for scholars and researchers to share their work and engage with others in their field. Additionally, it offers a means for academics to increase the visibility and impact of their research by reaching a broader readership and having greater potential for citation.

Overall, the MCSA Open Access is a valuable resource for anyone interested in accessing and sharing knowledge and research across various fields. Providing open and free access to scholarly materials, promotes academic excellence, and facilitates the dissemination of knowledge and ideas.

Citizen Science initiatives taking place worldwide:
Institutions, organizations, projects, and activities.

All About Citizen Science

Explainer video:

What is citizen science?

"This animation provides a brief and engaging introduction to citizen science approaches in prevention, and is aimed at anyone wanting to find out more about citizen science and the opportunities and benefits of these approaches in research, policy, and practice in prevention."

The video "Explainer Video: What is citizen science" was published by The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre on YouTube.

The Awesome Power of

Citizen Science

The SciStarter | SciShow

"You don't have to be a professional scientist to make a contribution to our collective knowledge."

The video "The Awesome Power of Citizen Science" was published by SciShow on YouTube.



"Over 36 months, the EU-Citizen.Science project has successfully built a knowledge hub for citizen science in Europe. But we have done way more than that! From a collaboration with the most relevant citizen science actors in Europe that has led to the development of international events, to the production of more than 20 citizen science training modules, the community built around the EU-Citizen.Science platform is growing."

The video "EU - Citizen.Science Project" was published by European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) on YouTube.