Haste, The slow politics of climate urgency

The book argues against the current understanding of urgency in climate change politics and advocates for a "slow politics of urgency" that challenges dominant framings of time and change in society. While recognizing the need for urgency in certain aspects, it advocates for accommodating concerns such as participation and justice and avoiding the problems that arise from speeding up social processes. The book offers creative perspectives on tackling the urgent issue of climate change.

Håvard Haarstad, Jakob Grandin, Kristin Kjærås, and Eleanor Johnson

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1 Why the haste? Introduction to the slow politics of climate urgency

Håvard Haarstad, Jakob Grandin, Kristin Kjærås and Eleanor Johnson

Part I: Climate apocalypse and radical utopias

2 'The apocalypse is disappointing': traversing the ecological fantasy

Erik Swyngedouw

3 From architectures of capital to architectures of care: the arts of dreaming otherwise in the Oslo Architecture Triennale

Cecilie Sachs Olsen

4 Extinction Rebellion and the future city

Emma Arnold

5 The urgency of hope and responses to contemporary crises

Marikken Wullf-Wathne and Kristin Kjærås

Part II: Learning the politics of urgency

6 Negation, imagination and organisation: rethinking sustainability transitions as a question of popular education

Keri Facer

7 ‘Right here, right now’: Immediacy, space and publicness in the politics of climate crisis

Eugene McCann

8 Carefully transforming our institutions: how they change, how they listen

Scott Bremer and Eleanor Johnson

9 Experimenting ecological civilization on the ground: the green transformation of a resource-based city in China

Ping Huang and Xiaohui Hu

Part III: Countering alienation under rapid change
10 The good, the bad and the beautiful? The role of aesthetics in low-carbon consumption

Jesse Schrage

11 Sustainability from the ground: urban gardening with children as means to environmental change

Sofia Cele

12 Refashioning the supercyclical city

Eleanor Johnson

13 Environmental injustices unfold in urban sustainability projects in Istanbul

Mahir Yazar

14 Inclusive sustainability: gaming as a tool for participation in urgent planning

Tarje I. Wanvik and Håvard H. Bjørnstad

Part IV: Contesting the speed of urban change

15 Small measures, large change: the promise and peril of incremental urbanisation

Andrew Karvonen and Jonas Bylund

16 Make way for efficiency: sustainable mobility and the politics of speed

Jakob Grandin

17 The geography of the 'world greenest cities': a class-based critique

Ståle Holgersen

18 Climate imaginaries for urgent urban transformations

Håvard Haarstad

Part V: Temporalities of infrastructural change

19 Periphery everywhere

Abdou Maliq Simone

20 Reimagining urban innovation

Matthew Cook

21 Promises and contradictions of digital sustainability in the post-pandemic city

Chiara Certomà

22 People’s Republic of Energy: rethinking the possible in energy futures

Hannah Knox, Jonathan Atkinson and Britt Jurgensen

23 Solar spectacles: why Lisbon’s solar projects matter for energy transformation

Siddharth Sareen